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Ice, Ice, every where.

Exploring ice inside the classroom and in the Outdoor Area.

The children have had lots of opportunities to explore ice both in the classroom and in the outdoor area.

The children have painted an ice block to see what happened,  how the paint left marks and how it changed on the ice.  This was an exciting adult led activity with Mrs M.


The children used the tuff spot to explore the ice we made using ice cube trays, tubs and balloons.  The children talked about  the size and shape of the ice.



With Mrs Johnson the children had placed the penguin 'on top' of the ice block and 'next to' the ice block.  From this adult led learning the children began to use some of this positional language within their independent learning.


Outside with Mrs Evans-Jones, the children explored more mark making using coloured ice cubes.  The children talked about the patterns they made and how the ice melted.  It was great fun and a joy to watch the children be so excited with their learning.



We are also spotting the birds that are visiting our garden and filling up their food.  So much so we are going to make more bird feeders next week as a independent activity.