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Mixing, cooking, eating Pancakes.

The children have had a week of looking at pancakes in lots of the areas in Nursery.

The children had the chance to explore with the yellow play dough making ‘pancakes’ in the tuff spot adding their toppings.  The children counted the different kinds of toppings on offer and also how many they put on their own pancake.


In the Funky Fingers Area the children took it in turns to ‘flip’ the pancakes and count using the number line saying how many times they had flipped the pancake and caught it again on the frying pan.


On Shrove Tuesday the children had the opportunity to mix the mixture to make pancakes.  Mrs Johnson talked about how cooking the mixture would make the pancakes.  Each child had a variety of toppings to choose from, they were, chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles, strawberry jam, mixed fruit, marshmallows, lemon and sugar.




As you can see the children really enjoyed mixing, adding their toppings and eating their pancake.


We have started our Chinese New Year as well this week.  We will continue this on the first week back after half term.


We hope you all have a wonderful and safe half term.  Can we please remind you the first day back of the new term is on Tuesday 27th February 2018.