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Our Year 3/4 trip!

Our trip to Canalside Community food

Year 3/4 had  a wonderful day out at Canalside Community Food in Radford Semele, as part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic. Whilst there we were able to explore the acres of country fields, that were planted with a wide range of fruit and vegetables. The children were given the opportunity to dig up and pick a variety of vegetables, which was a wonderful experience for them.

On our return to school we used our freshly picked vegetables to sketch and shade an observational drawing, we also used our experiences to create a presentation to teach others about the parts of a plant we eat when eating fruit and vegetables, as well as writing a detailed recount about our day. We have also written thank you letters to our visit guide and riddles about the interesting foods that we explored.

One of the childrens favourite parts of the visit was tasting a range of the fresh produce grown on the farm. 

We really feel that the children had a fantastic day, that really enriched their learning.  Ask your child about the compost toilet!