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It's time to take action!

'All we want is a safe place to spend time with our friends' - Year 5 and 6 children at Charter Primary.

Last week the children of Charter decided it was time to speak up. They have been true ambassadors for our school and we are incredibly proud of them.


Here are the children with Councillor Skinner down at Prior Deram Park last week.


Have a look at the article written by the Coventry Telegraph:


Here's a copy of our letter:

To whom it may concern,

We are writing to you to request that you change some of the negative behaviours that have been seen in recent months, in our park.

Firstly, we would like to talk about all of the damages that have occurred in the few months since the park opened. Obviously the biggest problem was the slide area being set alight, we were devastated that you did this within only 5 days of our park opening. Since then, we have seen the climbing wall (our favoured piece of equipment) being dismantled, destroyed and rolled around like an oversized football-this resulted in it being permanently removed. Also, the football posts have been bent, damaged and even pulled from the ground at one point, this shocked us as we thought these were aimed more for the older children like yourselves. As well as these bigger damages, we feel the graffiti has ruined the look of our park. We do not understand what possible gain you get from damaging the park. Surely there are better ways to spend your time?

We as children know that a park should be a great place to spend time. However, recently we feel we have seen a massive increase in the amount of older children hanging around in the park, this in itself is fine, unfortunately a small few of you are beginning to scare us. We have heard a lot of foul language that we know is unacceptable and it makes us feel nervous when you use it. We often feel intimidated by you, it makes us feel scared and vulnerable when you do things such as pushing people around, taken things from us, using rude gestures, calling names and generally being unkind and anti-social. All we want is safe place to spend time with our friends and family, without feeling scared or threatened by you and your friends. How would you feel if people did this to your younger brothers and sisters, or treated your family in this way?

We have desperately been trying to think about why you have done this, we haven’t found any logical answers. If you are bored, there are lots of things that you could do without causing any of this upset or damage. The community centre has many groups, the football pitch could be a great place to play, the all-weather court is great for playing basketball and other games, there are benches for you to ‘hang out’ with your friends and much more. We just wish you could make some better choices than those that you have made recently.

We wish to appeal to your better nature. We would like to draw a line under this behaviour, we don’t want to hold a grudge and we would love to move on to a better park together.

Yours sincerely

The children from your community