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Wyken Croft’s New Beginning!

Remember, remember the fifth of November,

We opened our shiny new school.

With less than two days to get it all set,

The staff were surprisingly cool!

A year in the making, some time it had taken,

Not always the easiest ride.

Some bumps in the road, some mountains to climb,

A delay on getting inside!


New tables and chairs, new carpets and desks,

The classrooms were bright and inviting.

New cupboards to fill, new boards to be backed,

But don’t block the windows (shared lighting!).


There may be a few further things to sort out,

Greg’s book we’re encouraged to fill.

And more will arise in the future no doubt!

Oh keep him busy….we will!


The building, the painting and tasks all but done,

A fabulous job thanks to Wates.

With a little anxiety that all was OK,

We were ready to open the gates!


Remember, remember the fifth of November .

The children piled into the hall.

With a few anxious faces, unsure of their places,

With a big smile we greeted them all.


After our first big assembly, ending in a WOW,

It was time to go on with the day.

The kids had a tour, so they wouldn’t get lost,

Well maybe just once or twice hey!


It just goes to show what a fabulous team,

Can achieve, when they all work as one.

Proud to be part of such a great school,

With staff that are second to none.


Remember, remember the fifth of November.

The Fireworks topped off the day.

A massive well done, to each and every one,

Superstars! What more could you say?


Remember, remember the fifth of November

Look back, remember, reflect.

On a new beginning, a moment in time,

A day we will never forget!


Mrs Leighton