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Wyken Croft Primary School is organising their own ‘Shoe Box Appeal’ this year in order to help orphaned children in Vietnam. We are supporting the following charity: SOS Children’s Villages.

Here is what you can do to help:

DHL have kindly agreed to ship books and gifts to the orphanage at a very low cost.  The orphanage has asked that rather than toys, the children would love to receive books and stationery. Education is very important to children in Vietnam, particularly learning English, as this stands them in good stead for the future.

Many children in Vietnam do not celebrate Christmas so rather than send ‘Christmas gifts’ we have decided to wait until after the holidays. If you have any unwanted gifts or books etc. that are in good condition then please don’t throw them away but send them into school for a worthwhile cause.

The children at the orphanages are aged between 2 and 18 years and are male/female. Paperback books would be preferred in order to cut weight costs when shipping.  Please feel free to wrap your gift (in non-Christmas related wrapping paper) and provide the children with a card, picture or letter from your child.

For more information please visit the school website or contact Miss Hulm (Y2) via school email:

To find out more about what they do to help children please feel free to visit their website at

Kind regards,

Miss Hulm (Global and National Links)

Please can donations be handed in as soon as possible