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Our Vision

Every child should be given the best chance to succeed in life. Professionals who work with young people who have a special educational need and/ or disability (SEND) should strive to enable them to achieve at school, and make a successful transition to adulthood, including finding paid work, living independently and participating in their community. At Wyken Croft we do this through the promotion of our Steps to Success, which are:  Aspiration, Collaboration, Communication, Contribution, Independence, Resilience and Self Belief. We ensure that all children within our care have the opportunity to develop these skills through the wider curriculum.


About the School Information Report

The aim of this information is to keep parents up to date and informed on the policies and processes related to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Wyken Croft. This is not a finished piece but rather a working document that will be constantly updated based on changes that occur and your feedback. We hope you find the information we have included so far useful and would welcome your thoughts on this section of the website.  


Please see below for current flyers relating to SEND sessions.